About Me


Many things have changed in my life, but my love for literary writing remains constant.

While this blog focuses on literature, I have many interests. Over time, they will make themselves known. I love art and history and museum exhibits. I love food; I cook and bake at a reasonably competent level. I enjoyed acting up to my teenage years and still enjoy theater. I take pleasure in fashion and beauty (basically, I’m a girly girl who loves shopping lol). I love travel and international culture. I enjoy science, mainly biology and medical research. I even put down medical research as a potential college major, but true love won of course. I studied English with a focus on creative writing. Anyway, the great thing about being obsessed with reading and writing is that you can experience all your interests through good writing.

Most of what I upload are book reviews. I hope to craft more creative posts, but I enjoy writing reviews. Honestly, I do it more for myself. Reviews are often subjective, but I believe writing them keeps my analytical skills alive. That’s something you should note about my book reviews: I sometimes approach them like I’m writing English papers to be graded. I love school, guys. I’m a nerd.

I’m open to reading a variety of genres and styles, though I am partial to realist stories/prose with compelling characters. To me, it’s always characters first. The plot will follow. I love both clear prose and lyrical prose. I believe stories, fictional or otherwise, should be written sensitively, respectfully, and responsibly. I love writing that is accessible enough to make me want to turn the page and meaty enough with thought-provoking insights and substance.

Hope you enjoy the blog and my writing 🙂

19 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Hello, what a sweet and heartening message! I miss interacting with you and other favorite bloggers.

      I’m still alive, just extremely busy at work. I do plan on uploading a blog post by the end of Feb, although my drafts are all over the place.


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