May Low-Buy Report


Shamelessly ripped off one of my favorite bloggers: auxiliarybeauty. Her low-buy progress reports are detailed here.

I’ve been excessively consumptive lately. April was the cruelest month to my wallet but it was my own fault. I was spending like mad and justified my extravagance with “because April is my birthday month.” But March’s spending was strangely overblown as well, although not as bad as April. Not to mention, the Big Bad Wolf caused me to spend more money than normal. It was time to hit the brakes. In May, post-Big Bad Wolf haul, I made a word doc with a discretionary budget and a reading material budget, detailing all my casual expenses.

Friends, I still went overbudget. My wallet still took a battering. I told myself not to be too harsh on myself since it was my first month budgeting. No negative thoughts of: but you used to have such great self-control! or Well, this is something else you’ve failed at. None of that. One of my resolutions this year was to be kinder to myself and I happen to be fulfilling that, at least.

Enough of my navel-gazing! You came here for a book haul and I intend to give it to you:

Clockwise from top left, May 2016’s edition of Maquia, May 7-13th edition of The Economist, Anne of Green Gables, and The Girl Who Played With Fire

Some details as to why I bought them:

After flirting with both Biteki and Maquia (two of the Big Three Japanese beauty magazines), I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer Maquia. Biteki may supply better sample freebies, but Maquia offers more and better beauty tutorials. After May’s edition, I have decided to impose a moratorium on Japanese beauty magazines for the next few months. I have quite enough and I have neither flicked through all of them nor tried a fraction of the tutorials.

Donald Trump is now the Republican candidate for POTUS. How the heck did that happen? I wanted to read some articles and think pieces last month… but never got to actually reading them. In fact, I have to issue an ultimatum on magazine purchases too: either I read them within the week or I don’t buy them. BBC News and Al Jazeera are always around for me to stay on top of current events.

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery is the May purchase I’m most excited for. I have never read Anne Shirley’s story as a child and was never really interested until a dear friend wrote: “orphan Anne and Southern Scarlett [of Gone with the Wind] could be close cousins: modern, willful, determined, feisty, passionate, equals in love with their other half.” Come on! Who doesn’t want to read about a character like that?

I’m currently reading Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and it’s a gripping read so far. I know I’m going to continue reading the series so it was fine to buy the second novel in the installment: The Girl who Played with Fire.

That’s it. Only four things but I’m glad that with reading materials, I didn’t go massively overbudget (other discretionary spending is another story).

Let me know if you’re read anything I’ve bought. Also, do you think being a blogger has made you more consumptive? It’s irresponsible to blame bloggers, since nobody is forcing me to make that purchase – but I can’t help but notice that the more blogs I read, the more I buy – books, beauty products, what have you. But I have better self-control than that. Here’s to less massive hauls!


6 thoughts on “May Low-Buy Report

  1. Oh, Anne of Green Gables! That book is a huge part of my childhood, right up there with the Little House Books and Little Women. I read all the Anne books over and over and now my daughter does the same. I hope you enjoy her. I am not sure I would compare her to Scarlett and this first book in the series is definitely about a child but the book and the character are utterly charming.

    I do think I buy more books since I started blogging. It is probably because I read more blogs and therefore come across more books that sound interesting.


    1. The Little House Books were a great part of my childhood too! Little Women I didn’t enjoy as much, sadly. I’ve read neither Gone with the Wind nor Anne of Green Gables so I cannot say whether my friend’s comparison is accurate — but I’m always happy to read charming stories!

      That’s the positive side of book blogs. You get to learn about books that are interesting and new-to-you. The negative side happens when you check your bank balance, haha.


  2. Being kind to ourselves is indeed important, something to always consider in our efforts at self discipline. I’d love to read a Japanese beauty magazine; I know nothing of them, but the covers are always so beautiful. Steiger Larsson’s books always upset me, I don’t read them after the first, but I hope you enjoy it.

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    1. Japanese beauty magazines are awesome. I love their easy tutorials. I enjoy some Western beauty and fashion magazines too, but there’s just too many adverts and fluff pieces for me to justify buying them as often as I used to.

      I hope so too. I stopped reading Dragon Tattoo because I have to read a lot of work material at the moment, but I love Dragon Tattoo so far.


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