Magazine Tuesday: Maquia, February 2016

I’ve been posting nothing but book reviews lately, so I thought I’d break up the monotony a bit with some glossy magazine bits. In fact, I might post about magazines more often since I actually read a few different publications.

The February issue of Japanese beauty magazine Maquia is my first victim. It was first introduced on this blog in my January haul. I mentioned wanting to try the tutorial below.

I had my doubts at first. I loved the model’s eyes in the photo – but I suspected the makeup owed its success to the model’s own gorgeous almond eyes rather than the other way around.

At this point, I’ve assembled the look twice. I have big round eyes and I was a little stunned to look in the mirror and find that my eyes looked more shapely and more deep-set than usual. Subtle gradations and shading in boring brown tones really do work. Consider me converted. I’m usually more of a “but what about the crazy colors” girl, but this is excellent for work and polite company.

Below is a close-up of the step-by-step instructions.

Along with my own tools of the trade.

Two caveats. One, I read, speak, and write not a lick of Japanese, so what I’ve done with my own eye makeup is a general approximation from the pictures. I find the pictures detailed enough for me to make educated guesses. Two, I am not yet at the point where I am comfortable putting photos of myself on this blog. I’ve written out some instructions to follow if you want to replicate the look.

  1. Use a twist-up/pencil eyeliner to line your upper lashlines (I think the Maquia model used a burgundy pencil but I used brown because that’s what I had and it works just fine). You can line your eyes a bit haphazardly – it matters little, everything going to get blended later.
  2. Apply a dark brown eyeshadow on the inner third of and the outer third of your upper lid. I tend to use a brush for this as fingers can easily cover the whole lid if you’re not careful.
  3. Apply a light brown shade in the middle of your eyelid and blend together with the dark brown color. No need to blend too vigorously. I use a combination of brush and fingers for this step.
  4. Apply a highlighter shade (aka the lightest eyeshadow you have) near the tear duct.
  5. Use the same twist-up/pencil eyeliner to line the outer half of your lower lashlines.
  6. Use a brush to soften and smudge the line you just made.
  7. Use the same brush to gently connect the highlighter shade and the liner color together on the lower lashline.
  8. Add mascara if you like.

Because this brown-toned look turned out so well, I now want to try other looks in this edition’s Maquia. I like this royal blue-themed look although it’s more for fun than casual company. But hey, I love bold colors so this is actually more my aesthetic.


I loved writing this post — a bit of fun between serious things. I’d love to know how you incorporate a bit of lightheartedness in your blog. Reading all dense books all the time can be exhausting, after all.


2 thoughts on “Magazine Tuesday: Maquia, February 2016

  1. How fun to have such a magazine! I don’t read, or write, Japanese either, but I loved the pictures. I love the way cultures different from mine show me how similar we are all in many ways. I bet your eyes look beautiful.


    1. I find Japanese beauty magazines to be a lovely treat during dreary months. Their step by step tutorial instructions are clear enough for me. I actually wish more Western magazines would take this detailed approach.


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