[Master Post] 2016 Japanese Literature Reading Challenge

One of the things I learned about myself since starting this blog is that I tend to botch readalongs and reading challenges. I read much slower than other book bloggers, I’ve noticed, and write even slower than I read, so it takes me ages to pen a wrap-up post.

Because I’m rash, however, I have signed up to join Opat at casualbookreader’s Japanese Literature Reading Challenge. The reading challenge spans the entire year and you can read as many or as little Japanese fiction as you like. Pretty forgiving even for a slowpoke like me.

(Important note: this is also part giveaway, since Opat has pledged to tally points for each Japanese book you read + review and give prizes to two winners)

Opat has set some ground rules though, all listed here in her own master post. Some of the important ones include:

  1. Being an Indonesian blogger living in Indonesia. Reviews can be written in English or Indonesian.
  2. Any blogs welcome, not limited to book bloggers.
  3. Write your own challenge master post and add the challenge button on your widget
  4. Japanese prose fiction only (No manga or graphic novels)
  5. Compose a wrap-up post on December 31, 2016

My first entry for the challenge will be the Japanese classic Snow Country by Nobel Prize-winner Yasunari Kawabata. It’s short and I’m more than halfway through. Sadly, Snow Country is shaping up to disappoint me. Hopefully it will redeem itself by the end.

I’d say expect a review soon, but considering my erratic posting, I make no promises.

Do join Opat’s challenge if you are interested! The more, the merrier!


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