An Update on Nadira

Last November, I reviewed Leila S. Chudori’s short story collection 9 dari Nadira (9 from Nadira) in two parts. Recently, it has been repackaged and remonikered as simply Nadira. Nadira is something of a deluxe album: it has a new cover design and two new bonus short stories. From now on, this new version is the one you will find in local Gramedias and other local Indonesian bookstores.


Then and Now

Personally, I prefer the old cover of 9 dari Nadira. The color tones were more natural and to be honest, there’s really not much difference between the two cover designs to get me excited for the new version to begin with. Secondly, I feel a bit cheated. Sure, I want to read the extra short stories –9 dari Nadira had an ending that simultaneously felt natural yet could also be expanded upon, but I don’t really want to spend money on what is essentially the same book. These things happen all the time though, so it’s not really my place to complain. And perhaps Chudori simply feels that an inclusion of new material will heighten the feel of Nadira.

Sticking to the subject of the author: Leila S. Chudori will be one of the writers featured in the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair as Indonesia is Guest of Honor in the event. Her 2012 novel Pulang (currently in the process of translation) had been picked up at this year’s Leipzig Book Fair. Congratulations and all the best to Leila S. Chudori!

I already have a copy of Pulang and I’m hoping to read it before this October, when the Frankfurt Book Fair will happen. If I achieve that, I would have read all of Chudori’s adult works. Maybe I’ll even reread Malam Terakhir and 9 dari Nadira then do something of a trio review in preparation for Frankfurt Book fair. I’m also planning on keeping up with the news from the Frankfurt Book Fair, specifically the rights of which Indonesian books get picked up. That should keep this blog busy in October!

2 thoughts on “An Update on Nadira

    1. Hey Abi!

      I’ve read your review of Pulang and it seems that you really liked it.

      Hmm, it’s hard to say. I recommend 9 dari Nadira but not passionately so. When I was reading it I found it difficult to put down and I think if you liked Leila’s style in general, you’d want to pick up 9 dari Nadira. Leila’s writing is wonderful as always but I felt like there wasn’t enough beautiful writing in the collection as a whole. It’s a short story collection so you’ll like some stories more than others. I felt some stories were excellent and some stories fell flat.

      I liked 9 dari Nadira but I didn’t love it. I still recommend it to you though.

      Hahaha, maaf kalo gw kesannya jahat!


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